Annotated vampire mediography

Since I was a kid I have been interested in the vampire mythology. The following annotated vampire mediography is an attempt to share some of my experiences with vampire media with whoever might be interested. It is definitely to be considered a work in progress, and I hope that it will grow steadily.


The mediography is divided into three parts:

1.) Literature:
The first part of the mediography lists novels, novellas, and short stories in which vampire-like beings play a major role.

2.) Fact books:
In the second part of the mediography you can find anthologies and fact books that cover the role of vampiric beings in literature, art, mythology, etc., as well as books that actually consider the real existence of vampires (which are usually rather old).

3.) Movies:
The third part of the mediography is dedicated to movies that feature vampiric beings.

There are innumerable web sites about vampires. The following list gives just a few examples:

Vampire Junction

The Vampnet

Welcome to the Coffin

Vampiri Europeana: Short Story Bibliography

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