Research in the field of biomaterials

There were other thinkers [...] who [...] did not believe that really advanced beings would possess organic bodies at all. Sooner or later, as their scientific knowledge progressed, they would get rid of the fragile, disease-and-accident-prone homes that Nature had given them, and which doomed them to inevitable death. They would replace their natural bodies as they wore out - or perhaps even before that - by constructions of metal and plastic, and would thus achieve immortality.

Arthur C. Clarke
"2001 - A Space Odyssey"

I learned about concepts and research in the field of biomaterials while I was studying Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, USA. The amount of topics covered was most extensive in a specific class on biomaterials that I attended, but more specialized aspects were also dealt with in other courses, as for example general classes on ceramics and polymers.

A selection of some term papers and homeworks that I wrote about biomaterial-related topics are given below:

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