Annotated Mars mediography

From November 1995 to September 1999 I have worked on my Ph.D. thesis about the remote sensing of Mars. Quite naturally, I have developed a profound interest in the planet, regarding both "hard science" as well as science fact and science fiction literature. The following Mars mediography is an attempt to share some of my experiences with the Martian literature with whoever might be interested. It is definitely to be considered a work in progress, and I hope that it will grow steadily.


The mediography is divided into three parts:

1.) Science fiction literature:
This part of the mediography lists science fiction novels in which either the planet Mars or Martians play a major role.

2.) Fact books:
The second part of the mediography presents books in the field of planetary science that have Mars as their single or main topic. It furthermore lists fact books that cover the role of Mars in literature, art, mythology, etc., and technical books that consider future possibilities of Martian exploration, especially manned missions to Mars.

3.) Movies:
The third part of the mediography is dedicated to movies that feature either Mars or Martians.

There is an excellent web site listing all types of literature as well as internet resources regarding Mars called Mars in the Mind of Earth.

Another interesting bibliography is maintained by NASA, which lists literature regarding the exploration of Mars and is called Annotated Bibliography on Martian Exploration.

A further list of links regarding Mars in the arts can be found under Mars in the Arts Links.

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