Curriculum vitae

Name: Dr. Jan Harloff-Puhr
Date of birth: 19th of July 1969
Place of birth: Langen, Germany
Elementary and high school education:
1975 - 1981: Johann-Peter-Hebel-Grundschule (Elementary School), Berlin, Germany
1976 - 1977: Lawrence Unified School District #497 (Elementary School), Kansas, USA
1981 - 1988: Walther-Rathenau-Gymnasium (High School), Berlin, Germany
  Degree, obtained in June 1988: Abitur (High School Diploma)
University education:
Oct. 1988 - Sep. 1994: Study of Mineralogy at the Free University Berlin, Germany
  Degree, obtained in August 1994: Diplom im Fach Mineralogie (Diploma in Mineralogy)
  Diploma thesis: "Preparation and investigation of plasma-sprayed nonstoichiometric TiO2-coatings"
Oct. 1994 - Sep. 1995: Study of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA
  Degree, obtained in December 1995: Master of Science in Engineering
  Masters thesis: "In-situ quantitative measurement of electric fields in ZnO thin films using electrostatic force microscopy"
Oct. 1995 - Sep. 1999: Ph.D. student at the Department of Chemistry and the Museum of Natural History of the Humboldt-University Berlin, Germany
  Degree, obtained in January 2000: Dr. rer. nat. im Fach Chemie (Ph.D. in Chemistry)
  Ph.D. thesis: "Near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy of bulk analog materials for the igneous Martian crust"
Oct. 1999 - Sep. 2000: Bibliotheksreferendar (library trainee, practical year) at the University Library of the Technical University Berlin, Germany
Oct. 2000 - Sep. 2001: Bibliotheksreferendar (library trainee, theoretical year) at the Library School in Frankfurt/Main, Germany
  Degree, obtained in September 2001: Bibliotheksassessor (Master in Library and Information Science)
Professional experience:
Jan. - Oct. 1990 and
Feb. - Jul. 1992:
Working student at the Siemens AG, Berlin, Germany
Responsibilities: Among others the maintenance of a "dBase" data base
Aug. - Oct. 1992: Internship at the FFI (Research Institute of the High-Temperature Materials Industry), Bonn, Germany
  Final report: "Measurement of powder characteristics for thermal coating"
Nov. 1992 - Sep. 1994: Teaching assistant at the Institute of Mineralogy of the Free University Berlin, Germany
  Responsibilities: Instruction of microscopy and computer classes
Nov. 1995 - Sep. 1999: Research assistant at the Institute of Planetary Research of the DLR (German Aerospace Center), Berlin, Germany
Since Oct. 2001: Information Manager at the Working Group "Information, Documentation, Library" of the BAM (Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing), Berlin, Germany
Membership in scientific societies:
BAK Berliner Arbeitskreis Information (Berlin Work Group Information)
DGI Deutsche Gesellschaft für Informationswissenschaft und Informationspraxis (German Association for Information Science and Practice)
DMG Deutsche Mineralogische Gesellschaft (German Mineralogical Society)
VDB Verein Deutscher Bibliothekare (Association of German Librarians)

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